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Parties, Weddings, Stag & Hen

NZSSCS offers something quite different to your usual adult birthday party, or stag & hen night.

With our adult party package, you can enjoy a fun day or night out with your friends playing with swords, shooting arrows, throwing axes, and even learning a cool fight sequence to have filmed. Nothing beats re-enacting scenes from Gladiator or Brave Heart with your mates! See below for more information about your party options.

We can also organise food and non-alcoholic drinks – you are welcome to bring your own alcohol but there is strictly NO alcohol to be consumed while participating in the fight training.

YES WE ALSO COME TO YOU! for weddings or events why not bring us to entertain your guests....

PRICING: Please enquire for your event as pricing varies depending on numbers  and activities.

Minimum two-hour event duration

Catering can also be organised at additional cost

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Here you and your friends will learn more about the physical skills such as rolls and falls, using the mats and parkour principles - essentially how you can use your body in ways to safely undertake stunts.


Harness your inner Viking! At the Axe Range you will throw axes at our especially designed targets. NZSSCS was the first company to teach axe throwing in New Zealand and with our team of specially trained instructors you will be throwing an axe like a Viking in no time!  This is all about fun and learning an ancient skill of launching your axe.


Our industry professionals will teach you different dramatic sword combat techniques, learning how to use steel weapons and plastic film weapons while learning choreography from movies and theatre shows.  You’ll learn how to wield a sword like a professional, perfect if you are considering a career change to acting!


A fun session in “historical archery” focusing on traditional Medieval shooting, where you will learn the principles of “instinct” archery. You will learn how to nock, draw and loose, shooting arrows at targets.  With our highly skilled and trained teachers you will be hitting your targets in no time!

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