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Want to spice up your client or team building event and try something new? Create an event to remember with our KNIGHT SCHOOL!

We can offer you a team building session, learning how to use different weapons and fight choreography. Or, if you are after something involving a little less personal combat fighting, then we can put on a fantastic banquet in a Medieval setting with food, drinks, and an entertaining fight show.

All our events and parties are led by professional stunt people/tutors from the New Zealand Stage and Screen Combat School - they work, live, and breathe this stuff. We have been running corporate team building exercises since 2012, and our trained staff are experts in the fields in which you will train. We have created events for some large companies globally including in the UK and Abu Dhabi.

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Team Building

Team building exercises involve learning fight choreography using both real and fake weapons. You will learn how to swing a sword like a knight, shoot arrows or throw an axe!  All in a SAFE environment (but being safe doesn't mean we don’t know how to have fun!). We can organise food and non-alcoholic beverages to have during or after your workshops. You are welcome to bring your own alcohol BUT this is not to be consumed during the use of weaponry – for obvious reasons!

Choose from these skills to personalise your package:

  • Sword / Weapons Training

  • Archery

  • Axe Throwing

  • Unarmed Combat / Stunts

The archery range is where you and your colleagues will learn the importance of patience and relaxation as you let arrows fly at your targets. This will be done in groups and score boards added for the competitive members in the office.

Once you have finished swinging swords and shooting arrows it's time to go further back in time and harness your inner Viking! Here at the Axe Range you will throw axes at our specially designed targets. See below for more information.

PRICING: Please enquire for your specific event as pricing varies depending on numbers  and activities.

Minimum two-hour event duration

Catering can also be organised at additional cost


Our industry professionals will teach you different dramatic sword combat techniques, learning how to use steel weapons and plastic film weapons while learning choreography from movies and theatre shows.  You’ll learn how to wield a sword like a professional, perfect if you are considering a career change to acting!


A fun session in “historical archery” focusing on traditional Medieval shooting, where you will learn the principles of “instinct” archery. You will learn how to nock, draw and loose, shooting arrows at targets.  With our highly skilled and trained teachers you will be hitting your targets in no time!


Here you and your team will learn more about the physical skills such as rolls and falls, using the mats and parkour principles - essentially how you can use your body in ways to safely undertake stunts.


Harness your inner Viking! At the Axe Range you will throw axes at our specially designed targets. NZSSCS was the first company to teach axe throwing in New Zealand and with our team of specially trained instructors you will be throwing an axe like a Viking in no time!  This is all about fun and learning the ancient skill of launching your axe.

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Host a Banquet

Have a go at some axe throwing & archery and enjoy the fully armoured Knights at battle while feasting on your Medieval dinner.

Talk to us about how we can tailor a package to suit your requirements. Your corporate event can include entertainment, food, and non-alcoholic beverages. You are welcome to bring your own alcoholic beverages but please drink responsibly.

Great venue to work with – they made our entire experience so easy.  We will definitely be back and would highly recommend NZSSC to others after some fun.

Hawke Sea Scouts, Auckland, Sept 2022

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