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Fight Choreography

We offer professional advice and fight choreography to film makers and stage production managers. This can also include sourcing trained fighters, risk assessments and advice around the appropriate use of weapons, costumes, and armour in your films.

As a company we have been responsible for some of the best on stage fights in New Zealand theatre history. We have choreographed hundreds of plays and shows over the years for every major theatre company in the country. We have also choreographed several school and amateur dramatic shows.

One of our stand-out performances was for the Pop-up Globe where our Artistic Director Alexander Holloway was the Head of Stage Combat and Special Effects.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you to learn the tricks and skills used for combat in theatre and live shows, and help you with your next production - please call Alexander on 022 172 9964 or fill in our contact form.


You will also be impressed with the number of weapons we have on site (many available for hire)!

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