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Actor fight training

We offer safe, qualified, and affordable training for actors in stage combat and fighting for stage and screen. Our classes are taught by industry professionals who will teach you everything you need to know to perform fights safely and confidently in the theatre and on film.

Led by professional stunt people/tutors, you’ll learn how to wield a sword like a professional, so that you can safely and confidently perform sword fights in film or stage fight sequences. Our industry professionals will:

  • Teach you different dramatic sword combat techniques to enhance your acting skill set.

  • Teach you set etiquette and weapons safety protocols.

  • Help you to analyse existing fight scenes to see how the professionals do it.

  • Show you how to use your body to tell a story physically and how to use visual illusions and timing to safely perform sword combat manoeuvres.

Please get in touch with us to find out how we can help you prepare for an audition or your next big stage or screen role - please call Alexander on 022 172 9964 or fill in our contact form.


Often actors will start by attending an Adult class in their combat area, but we can also then offer extended coaching opportunities for more advanced training.

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