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Step into the dynamic world of Alexander James Holloway, a distinguished figure in the realms of stage combat and acting, whose illustrious career weaves a tapestry of professional excellence and thrilling adventure.

Trained at the esteemed East 15 Drama School in the UK, Alexander's journey began with a degree in Acting and Stage Combat, where he excelled with straight distinctions across all weapon systems. His talents found a prestigious stage at the Royal Opera House, where he served as a resident fighter, and his expertise extended to notable engagements with renowned entities like Secret Cinema.

As a master instructor, Alexander's influence reverberated across the UK, conducting specialized workshops at esteemed theaters, drama schools, and events, shaping the next generation of performers with his wealth of knowledge. Inspired by cinematic epics such as Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit, Alexander's odyssey led him to the captivating landscapes of New Zealand, where he has become a beacon of stage combat expertise, leaving an indelible mark on the stage and screen alike.

For four exhilarating years, Alexander commanded the helm as the Head of Stage Combat and Special Effects at the acclaimed Pop-up Globe, where his visionary choreography and direction brought forth unforgettable spectacles across stages in New Zealand and Australia.

Beyond the stage, Alexander's daring spirit led him to embody thrilling roles as a stunt performer on iconic productions such as the Vikings TV series, the Lord of the Rings TV series, Sweet Tooth, and Power Rangers, showcasing his versatility and prowess in the realm of action-packed entertainment.

Fuelled by an unwavering passion for the craft, Alexander's mission remains steadfast: to impart the skills of combat fight acting to all, from aspiring newcomers to seasoned professionals, in an environment that champions safety, creativity, and boundless dedication to the art form.

Discover the fusion of professionalism and excitement with Alexander James Holloway, where every performance is an adventure waiting to unfold.

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