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Alexander James Holloway trained at East 15 Drama School in the UK, graduating with a degree in Acting and Stage Combat. Achieving straight distinctions in every weapon system, Alexander went on to work for the Royal Opera House as one of the resident fighters. He also fight-directed for large companies such as Secret Cinema and many more.


Alexander has taught specialist workshops all over the UK at many theatres, drama schools and events, and also worked as a professional fight choreographer and stunt fighter.

Inspired by great films like Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit, Alexander moved to New Zealand to share his expertise in stage combat and fighting for film. In New Zealand, Alexander teaches and choreographs for many theatre companies and drama schools and he has also taught several workshops in Australia.


In 2016, Alexander was the Head of Stage Combat and Special Effects at the Pop-up Globe and choreographed all the fights, stunts, and special effects for four years both in New Zealand and across Australia.


Alexander is passionate about teaching the skills of combat fight acting to everyone - from enthusiastic youngsters to professional actors - in a safe and inspiring environment. 

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