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EOTC & School Workshops

Are you READY for the most THRILLING, CAPTIVATING, and UTTERLY SENSATIONAL learning experience of your life?! Welcome to The New Zealand Stage and Screen Combat School, where your dreams of becoming an action hero leap off the screen and onto the stage! 

 Imagine this: Your students mastering exhilarating stage combat moves—just like their favourite movie stars—all under the expert guidance of bona fide, professional stunt people and tutors! We're talking heart-pounding, jaw-dropping ACTION at an industry-standard level.

 For just $180+gst per hour, your students won't merely be learning; they'll be TRANSFORMED into young masters of stage and screen combat! And guess what? That's not all; we throw in a comprehensive risk assessment, ensuring everyone can focus on the FUN without compromising SAFETY!

 Choose Your Adventure: Unmissable Courses Alert!  We offer an unparalleled smorgasbord of fantastic courses that your students will rave about for years to come! Looking for something special? No worries! We can customize an UNFORGETTABLE, ONE-OF-A-KIND experience that will make your school the talk of the town! 

 But Wait, Safety First!  Concerned about safety? Fret not! Our expert tutors rigorously adhere to iron-clad safety protocols, ensuring each and every student can let their imaginations soar—completely worry-free! Click here for our detailed Health and Safety Policy.

 Ignite Passion, Build Confidence, and Sharpen Focus!  You won't believe the confidence surging through your students as they master each move, channel their inner action heroes, and dive into a learning experience like no other. Talk about a unique blend of FUN and FOCUSED LEARNING that your students will cherish forever! 

Ready for the next step in your epic journey? Contact us now for a deep dive into what makes our school the ULTIMATE destination for education and exhilaration! 

Come, be part of this extraordinary adventure that blends drama, action, safety, and unparalleled learning experiences, ONLY at The New Zealand Stage and Screen Combat School! 

Book your slots NOW and make your students' dreams come true!


Hold onto your hats! Prepare for an exhilarating journey led by industry professionals that transforms your students into masters of dramatic sword combat! They'll wield steel and plastic film weapons with panache, learning riveting choreography straight from blockbuster movies and iconic theatre shows. It's not just a skill; it's an art form! And for those aspiring to future acting roles, this is a game-changer. They'll leave this course ready to conquer any stage or screen, swords in hand and confidence sky-high!


Prepare for an exhilarating dive into the world of historical archery, where your students will master the art of traditional Medieval shooting! Under the expert tutelage of our highly skilled instructors, they'll rapidly grasp the principles of instinct archery. From nocking to drawing and loosing arrows, they'll be doing it all! And targets? They'll not just aim; they'll hit bullseyes in record time! It's a thrilling, hands-on experience that turns novices into budding archers, igniting a passion for history and precision!


Get ready for a high-octane adventure into the world of stunts and action scenes! Your students will master jaw-dropping physical skills like rolls and falls, all safely performed on specialized mats. But that's just the beginning! They'll dive into the exciting principles of parkour, discovering how to harness the incredible capabilities of their own bodies. Imagine them executing stunts and fight scenes with the grace of a gymnast and the precision of a stunt double! This is next-level physical education, packed with thrills and skills!


Unleash the Viking within! Step into the Axe Range and prepare to be captivated as students hurl axes at our expertly crafted targets! NZSSCS isn't just any instructor; we pioneered axe-throwing in New Zealand! Under the watchful eyes of our specialized trainers, your students won't just toss an axe—they'll launch it like a true Viking warrior! This isn't merely an activity; it's a rip-roaring journey back in time, mastering an ancient skill that's both exhilarating and historically rich!

Fight Choreography for School Productions

Bring Hollywood-Level Fight Choreography to Your Next School Production with NZSSCS!

Are you planning a school production and want to infuse it with jaw-dropping, heart-pounding action scenes? Look no further! The New Zealand Stage and Screen Combat School (NZSSCS) is here to catapult your next stage performance into the realm of sheer excitement and visual awe!

With a sterling track record of working with schools across the UK, New Zealand, and Australia, we are the undisputed masters in crafting spellbinding stunt and combat choreography that will have your audiences on the edge of their seats! Our world-class industry professionals will weave together electrifying fight scenes, riveting drama, and expert weapon handling into a tapestry of unforgettable theatrical magic!

But that's not all! We don't just make things exciting; we make them SAFE. Our seasoned pros are committed to ensuring your production meets all relevant health and safety standards in the industry. From meticulously planned choreography to vigilant fight direction and specialized weapons training, we've got every angle covered to guarantee a show that's as safe as it is sensational.

Ready to elevate your school production to unprecedented heights of drama and action? Contact us to unveil the full spectrum of electrifying services we offer. With NZSSCS at your side, your next school production will be nothing short of a blockbuster!

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