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EOTC & School Workshops

The New Zealand Stage and Screen Combat School offers many different types of workshops for all ages and abilities. Students will learn professional stage fighting techniques at an industry standard. Workshops for your students start at $180+gst per hour, including a risk assessment.

Choose from any of the great courses below.  We can create a unique and unforgettable experience for your students!  Contact us for more comprehensive information.

All our classes are led by professional stunt people/tutors from the New Zealand Stage and Screen Combat School. We follow strict safety protocols – but ensure the kids can still have fun.

Click here for our Health and Safety Policy.

We can tailor an event for your students and school, but the four workshops below are our most popular with all school students.


Our industry professionals will teach the students different dramatic sword combat techniques, learning how to use steel weapons and plastic film weapons while learning choreography from movies and theatre shows.  They will learn how to wield a sword like a professional, perfect if they are considering a career in acting in the future!


A fun session in “historical archery” focusing on traditional Medieval shooting, where the students will learn the principles of “instinct” archery. They will learn how to nock, draw and loose, shooting arrows at targets.  With our highly skilled and trained teachers they will be hitting their targets in no time!


Your students will learn more about the physical skills such as rolls and falls, using the mats and parkour principles - essentially how you can use your body in ways to safely undertake stunts and fight scenes.


Harness their inner Viking! At the Axe Range they will throw axes at our specially designed targets. NZSSCS was the first company to teach axe throwing in New Zealand and with our team of specially trained instructors they will be throwing an axe like a Viking in no time!  This is all about fun and learning the ancient skill of launching the axe.

Fight Choreography for School Productions

We can provide fight choreography and guidance for your next school production - NZSSCS are experts in helping to bring that added extra spectacle to your stage.


We have years of experience working for many schools and school productions across the UK, New Zealand, and Australia – providing the best in stunt/combat choreography for your students on stage. Our industry professionals will also ensure your production meets all relevant health and safety obligations regarding stunts and fights within the industry. We provide choreography, fight direction, and weapons training.

Contact us to find out more.

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